Kick Off

Just to kick things off, I have been interested in real estate for a very long time. I bought a couple programs off of infomercials back in the day and made a crack at collecting leads.

The program I bought was Probate Profits made easy by Jim Banks. I actually made $25 following his program. I drove up to a house in probate. asked if they had anything for sale. The old man collecting his brothers things just gave me a heavy OLD TV. I stuffed it in the front seat of my car and sold it in a classified ad the next day. Woohoo! $25!

Really I find the process boring. Marketing is my life. I LOVE marketing and I feel like marketing for real estate investments doesn’t feel like REAL marketing? I’m not sure.

Maybe because it’s better with friends? Hopefully I’ll be able to build a community and make some friends here too 🙂

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