Which type of Marketing

I’ve researched this a million times.

Finding real estate deals always comes back to a few things, and before your network can start throwing deals and opportunities at you, you’ve got to get good at a boring kind of marketing.

I think bandit signs are stupid, and a sign that the marketer is willing to break rules and make everyone else in the industry look bad.

Direct mail is too expensive for a complete beginner.

I think I’m going to start calling sellers and landlords to see if they’re willing to sell their homes, if they’re open to offers and run them through the bigger pockets calculators, and just make offers.

Driving for dollars: I think this might actually be more effective than people give it credit for. I’m going to print out a map and start marking off streets that I drive looking for houses. Mark where potentials are and contact them. This is the one I’m most hopeful for, because I think finding a real dump of a house would be a cool first deal.

I’m also going to start attending the local REIA luncheons and build my network for when I get a deal. But I think I know a couple people that could walk me through the process without me having to waste my time at these just yet.

We’ll see how this goes…

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